About Snapfish

SnapFish might sound like a dangerous aquatic beasty indigenous to North Africa, but it is in fact a website for sharing or printing your photos and videos. It’s mostly tailored towards producing unique items using your own create flair, but also acts as a storage facility for your pictures and home movies.

Surprisingly, Snap Fish offers unlimited storage for photos. A niggling part of us thinks that if you upload 30 terabytes of images, they might have something to say, but otherwise this is pretty generous for a free website.

Videos are a little different, and you need to pay a fee to upload and store home movies. Prices are relatively low, but you’ll be able to locate sites which allow you to upload videos for free, so we’d recommend that you look elsewhere if you’re only interested in using a website for storing and sharing your home videos.

Ease of Use

Customers of all levels of experience with photo printing services will find Snapfish easy to use. The site offers menus that make navigation simple and straightforward, with everything from prices to sizes at your fingertips. Professionals will find everything they need to create their products, and those without much experience can use the tutorial videos, extensive help section with frequently asked questions, and even customer service assistance to learn how to print photos. The site is very user-friendly.




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